3 Chapter 2: Inquiries and Replies

As a businessperson, you will inevitably have to write many request letters. The need for information or special favours, services, or products arises daily in almost every type of business. The reasons for writing a request letter are diverse:

1. to obtain information (such as prices or technical data)

2. to receive printed matter (such as booklets, catalogs, price lists, and reports)

3. to receive sample products

4. to order merchandise

5. to engage services (including repair or maintenance services)

6. to make reservations (at hotels, restaurants, theaters, etc.).

7. to seek special favours (such as permission, assistance, or advice).

While certain requests, such as ordering merchandise, are routine matters, the general guidelines for business letter witting are especially important when writing any request. Tact and courtesy are essential when you want your reader to act. And if you want him to act promptly, your letter must encourage him to do so. Therefore, all requests should:

1. be specific and brief

2. be reasonable

3. provide complete, accurate information.

1. Inquiries

Usually, an inquiry offers the recipient no immediate reward or advantage beyond the prospect of a future customer or the maintenance of goodwill. Therefore, your inquiry must be worded in such a way that the recipient will respond despite a hectic schedule. To do this, you must make your inquiry easy to answer.

First of all, you should decide exactly what you want before you write. This should include the specific information that you need as well as the course of action you would like your reader to take.

1.1. When making an inquiry observe the following rules:

1. Begin with the question you want to ask; your reader then knows at once what your enquiry is about.

2. Try to put your request in the form of a question.

3. Keep your inquiry short and to the point, say what needs to be said and then stop.

If your inquiry is to a supplier whom you have not previously dealt with,

1. Tell him how you have obtained his name and address, and

2. Give him some details of your business, for example, the range of goods you handle…

1.2. Hints for writing Inquiries

1.2.1. Opening

Tell your supplier what sort of firm you are.

We are a co-operative wholesale society based in HCM City.

Our company is a subsidiary of Universal Business Machines and we specialize in…

We are one of the main producers of industrial chemicals in Vietnam, and we are interested in…

How did you hear about the firm your are writing to? It might be useful to point out that you know a firm’s associates, or that they were recommended to you by a consulate or Trade Association.

We were given your name by the Hotelier’s Association in Paris.

You were recommended to us by Mr. John King, of Lasworn & Davies, Marchant Bankers.

We were advised by Spett. Marco Gennovisa of Milan that you were interested in supplying…

The British Embassy in Hanoi told us that you were looking for an agent in Vietnam to represent you.

It is possible to use other references:

We were impressed by the selection of gardening tools that were displayed on your stand at this year’s Gardening Exhibition held in Giangvo, Hanoi.

Our associates in the packaging industry speak highly of your Zeta packing machines and we would like to have more information about them. Could you send us…

1.2.2. Asking for catalogues, price-lists, prospectuses

It is not necessary to give a lot of information about yourself when asking for catalogues, brochures, booklets, etc. This can be done by postcard, but remember to supply your address, unless it is already printed, phone number, telex, fax and e-mail address number if you have one. It would also be helpful if you could briefly point out any particular items you are interested in.

Could you please send your current catalogue and price-list for exhibition stands? We are particularly interested in “furniture display” stands.

Would you let us have your summer brochure for holidays to Greece and the Greek Islands, and supply details of any low fares and tariffs for the month of September?

I would appreciate your sending me an up-to-date price-list for your building materials.

I am planning to come and study in London next Autumn and I would like a prospectus from your college giving me information about fees and special courses in computing.

We have heard about your latest equipment in laser surgery and would like more details. Please send us any information you can supply, making the letter for the Attention of Professor Dzung, Bach Mai General Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam.

1.2.3. Asking for details

When asking for goods or services you must be specific and state exactly what you want. If replying to an advertisement you should mention the journal or newspaper, the date, and quote any box number or department number giving, e.g. Box No. 341; Dept. 4/12B. And if referring to, or ordering from a catalogue, brochure, leaflet, or prospectus, always quote the reference, e.g. Cat. No A149; Holiday No. J/M/3; Item No. 351; Course BL362.

I am replying to your advertisement in the June edition of “Tailor and Cutter”. I would like to know more about the “steam pressers” which you offered at cost price.

I am interested in holiday No. J/M/3, the South Yugoslavian tour.

I will be attending the auction to be held in Turner House on 16 February this year, and am particularly interested in the item listed as No. 351.

Could you please give me more information about course BL 362 which appears in the language learning section of your summer prospectus?

I would appreciate more details about the “University Communications System” which you are advertising on TVT3.

1.2.4. Asking for samples, patterns, demonstrations

You might want to see what a material or item looks like before placing an order. Most suppliers are willing to provide samples or patterns so that you can make a selection. however, few would send a complex place of machinery for you to look at. In that case you would be invited to visit a showroom, or the supplier would offer to send a representative. Nevertheless, if it is practical, ask to see an example of the article you want to buy.

When replying, could you please enclose a pattern card?

We would also appreciate it if you could send some samples of the material so that we can examine the texture and quality.

Before selling toys we prefer to test them for safety. Could you therefore send us at least two samples of these children’s cars in the “Sprite” range?

I would like to discuss the problem of maintenance before deciding which model to install in my factory. I would be grateful if you could arrange for one of your representatives to call on me within the next two weeks.

1.2.5. Suggesting terms, methods of payment, discounts

Firms sometimes state prices and conditions in their advertisements or literature and may not like prospective customers making additional demands. However, even if conditions are quoted, it is possible to mention that you usually expect certain concessions. Although it is true that once a supplier has quoted a price and stated terms, he may be unwilling to change them, by suggesting your terms you indicate that certain conditions may persuade you to place an order.

We usually deal on a 30% trade discount basis with an additional quantity discount for orders over 1,000 units.

As a rule our supplier allows us to settle by monthly statement and we can offer the usual references if necessary.

We would also like to point out that we usually settle our accounts on a documents against acceptance basis with payment by 30-day bill of exchange.

Could you let us know if you allow cash or trade discounts?

We intend to place a substantial order, and would therefore like to know what quantity discounts you allow.

1.2.6. Asking for goods on approval or on sale or return

Sometimes wholesalers and retailers want to see how a line will sell before placing a firm order with the supplier. They may be able to do this by getting goods on approval or a sale or return basis. In either case the supplier would have to know the customers well, or would want trade references. He will also place a time limit on when the goods must be returned or paid for.

Your leaflet advertising your latest publications of History magazines interested us, and we would like to stock a selection of these. However, we would only consider placing an order provided it was on the usual basis of sale or return. If this is acceptable we will send you an official order.

In the catalogue we received last week from you, we saw that you are introducing a new line in artificial furs. While we appreciate that increasing pressure from wildlife protection societies is reducing the demand for real skins, we are not sure how our customers at this end of the market will react. But we would like to try a selection of designs. Would it therefore be possible for you to supply us with a range on an approval basis to see if we can encourage a demand for synthetic furs? Three months would probably be enough to establish a market if there is one.

1.2.7. Asking for an estimate or tender

Estimates are quotations to complete a job of work, for example, putting a new roof on a factory or installing machinery. Tenders are similar to quotations, but in a written form and often used when the job is much larger, e.g. building a complete factory. Very often, when this sort of work is for a government, or is a large undertaking, an advertisement is placed in the newspapers. Look at 2 examples!

Advert 1: The Irish Tourist Organizations invites tenders from building contractors to erect seating for 10,000 people for the Dublin Summer Festival. Tenders should be in by 1st March 20… and will be studied on price and suitability of construction plans.

Advert 2: The Zena Chemical Company invites tenders from private contractors for the disposal of chemical waste. Strict government regulations will be in force so only those licensed to deal with toxic substances should apply. Further details from…

A company may write circular letters to several companies inviting offers to complete a construction job or to effect repairs or decorating as in the follwing examples:

We are a large chain of theatres and are looking for estimates from upholsterers to re-cover the seats in our two main theatres in Manchester. We are writing to a number of building contractor to invite estimates for the conversion of Northborough airfield into a sports and leisure centre. The work will include erecting buildings, providing facilities, e.g. ski slopes, parachute jumps, etc., and should be completed by next December. If you can provide a competitive estimate please contact us at…

As you might have read in the newspaper our firm has taken over International Motors PCL and we are in the process of automating their Hamburg factory. At present we are writing to several engineering designers who may be interested in converting the plant to a fully automated production unit. Enclosed you will find specifications, but we would welcome your surveyors to come site with a view to supplying an estimate for the reconstruction.

1.2.8. Closing

Usually a simple “thank you” is sufficient to close an enquiry. However, you could mention that a prompt reply be appreciated, or as the examples show, that certain terms or guarantees would be necessary.

Thank you for your attention. We hope to hear from you in the near future. We would be grateful for an early reply.

Finally, we would like to point out that delivery before Christmas is essential and hope that you can offer us that guarantee.

If the concessions we have asked for could be me, we would place a substantial order.

Prompt delivery would be necessary as we have a fast turnover. We would therefore need your assurance that you could meet all delivery dates.

You can also indicate further business, or other lines you would be interested in if you think they could be supplied. If a supplier thinks that you may become a regular customer, rather than someone who has placed the odd order, he would be more inclined to quote competitive terms and offer concessions.

If the product is satisfactory, we will place further orders with you in the future.

If the prices quoted are competitive, and the quality up to standard, we will order on a regular basis.

Provided you can offer favourable quotations, and guarantee delivery within four weeks from receipt of order, we will place regular orders with you.

2. Replies to Inquiries

2.1. All inquiries should be answered, even those that cannot for some reason be given a complete response. An inquiry indicates interest in your company and a potential customers. The inquiry reply should be designed not only to increase that interest, but also to inspire the inquirer to action.

An inquiry reply should begin by thanking the reader, acknowledging the interest in your company. It should end by offering further assistance – but ONLY if you actually want additional inquiries from this person.

The substance of an inquiry reply is usually information. You should include not just the specific facts your correspondent requested, but any others that may be of help. (This is, of course, assuming that the original inquiry or request was reasonable). If you cannot provide all the relevant data right away, you should promise it. For example.


40-04 Summit Avenue

Fairlawn, NJ 07662

June 2, 20…

Thang Long Garment Export Co.

264 Minh Khai Street, Hai Ba Trung, District Hanoi, Vietnam

Dear Sirs,

Thank your for your interest in A & M equipment. We are happy to supply you with the information you requested.

The following prices are quoted per dozen CIF Hai Phong Individual units are slightly











In case you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to being of service to you soon.

Sincerely yours.


Suzan Taylor

Export Secretary

2.2. If the information requested cannot be provided at all, if it is confidential you should explain this in your letter. You must be careful, however, to word your explanation tactfully and resist the impulse to accuse your reader of trying to gather information to which he or she is not entitled. Assume the inquiry was innocent and try to maintain goodwill. For example:

Dear Mrs. Hong Ngoc,

We certainly appreciate your interest in Maxine Sportswear. Nevertheless, I am afraid I cannot supply you with the information your request.

Because we do not sell our garments directly to the consumer, we try to keep our wholesale prices between ourselves and our dealers. It is our way of meriting both the loyalty and good faith of those with whom we do business. Clearly, divulging our wholesale prices to a consumer would be a violation of a trust.

However, I have enclosed for your reference a list of our dealers in Vietnam which sell Maxine sportswear at discount.

Very truly yours,

2.3. Sometimes a request for information about a company’s products or services may be answered with a brochure or catalog. Such materials, though, must always be accompanied by a personalized cover letter. You should not only explain why you’ve sent the brochure and arouse you reader’s interest in it; you should also call attention to particulars of the brochure and attempt to encourage a sale.

2.4. There are many times when a businessperson must say “no”. When granting a favor, awarding a contract, hiring an applicant, or for that matter making any decision, saying “yes” to one person often means saying no to another. The key, however, is to say “no” gracefully. Here, as in most correspondence, maintaining goodwill is extremely important.

When saying “no”, you should first of all never actually say no. Your letters should be as positive as you can make it. The actual refusal should be stated once and briefly. The rest on the letter should be reader-oriented and very friendly.

Example 1. Inquiry for Ladies’ woolens

a. Enquiry

Dear Sirs,

We have seen your advertisement in the “Textile World” and should be glad if you would send us patterns of Ladies’ woolens with your best terms.

Yours faithfully,

b. Reply

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your enquiry of 1st Dec. for Ladies’ woolens.

We have much pleasure in sending you herewith a fairly full collection of our latest and best selling designs and hope some of them will interest you.

We would like to draw your special attention to our exclusive quality “Gold Ring” which has been an outstanding success. We believe that it represents the best value for money in this type of goods and we are sure that you will find it sells very well indeed.

If the range of patterns we have selected does not contain anything you want, please do not hesitate to let us know your exact requirements.

We look forward to your order which will have our best attention.

Yours faithfully,

Example 2. Enquiry for Machine Tools

a. Inquiry

Dear Sirs,

We are interested in cutter Model GH advertised by you in the latest issue of the “Industry”.

We shall be obliged if you will send us a quotation for the above mentioned tool. Please quote your latest price and state the time of delivery and the most favourable terms of payment, the price is preferred to be quoted CFR Hai Phong.

We also request you to send us Brochures and Specifications of your other products.

Yours faithfully,

b. Reply

Dear Sirs,

Re: Cutter Mode GH

We thank you for your inquiry of 8th March concerning our cutter Model GH. We are pleased to offer 5 machines at the price of £5,500 per unit CFR Hai Phong including packing. Our terms are Payment to be made against a Bill of Lading, an Invoice and a Work’s Test Certificate, by an Irrevocable letter of Credit to be opened in our favour with The Commercial Bank, London for the full value of the goods intended for shipment.

The machines can be dispatched within 3 months upon receipt of your formal order. We enclose a list of firms which we have been supplying with our machines for the last few

years for your reference.

Yours faithfully,

Example 3. Inquiry for Wood from Vietnam

a. Inquiry

Dear Sirs,

Re: Softwood for Pulp and Paper

Your name and address have been given to us by the Japan-Vietnam Trade Association.

First of all we would like to take the opportunity of introducing ourselves as one of the country’s leading trading companies dealing in all kinds of materials for industry such as woodchips, iron ore, coal, scrap, etc…

At present we are extensively engaged in importing hardwoods and are now proposing to extend our business into the softwood area and are investigating the possibility of importing from Vietnam.

We would, therefore, be obliged if you will kindly let us have your offer of the goods in question.

We are looking forward to receiving your reply.

Yours faithfully,

b. Reply

Dear Sirs,

We have received your letter of 30th Nov. for Vietnamese softwood, for which we thank you very much.

We regret to inform you that we are not in a position to meet your requirements for the time being since our country is, as you know, in need of all kinds of wood, hard and soft, for national construction.

We do hope, however, that it will be possible for us to make an offer in the very near future.

Yours faithfully,

Example 4. Inquiry for Sample

a. Inquiry

Dear Sirs,

We have received a number of enquiries for floor coverings suitable to use on the rough floor that seems to be a feature of many of the new building here.

I would be helpful if you could send us samples showing your ranges of suitable coverings and, if one is available, a pattern card of the designs in which they are supplied.

Selling prospects for hard wearing floor coverings are good and we look forward to receiving your samples and pattern cards.

Yours faithfully,

b. Reply

Dear Sirs,

We thank you for your letter of 18th Dec. for samples and a pattern card of floor coverings. We have today sent by air a range of samples, specially selected for their hard wearing quality but regret we do not have the pattern cards you require. For the purpose mentioned we recommend quality No 5 which is specially made to stand up to the wear and tear of rough and uneven surfaces.

We invite you to test the samples and are confident that they will meet your requirements.

Meanwhile we enclose a copy of our price list and terms and conditions of trade, and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Example 5. Inquiry for Paraffin Wax

a. Inquiry

Dear Sirs,

Re: Paraffin Wax

We are indebted for your address to the Trade Delegation of Japan in Hanoi, who have informed us that you are the sole exporter of paraffin wax.

We are regular buyers of the commodity and request you to send us samples of different grades of paraffin wax, and state your best prices and most favourable terms of payment. We would like to add that at the present time we are interested in about 1,500 tons of paraffin wax for immediate shipment.

We hope to receive your early reply.

Yours faithfully,

b. Reply

Dear Sirs,

Paraffin Wax

We thank you for your inquiry of 1st June concerning our paraffin wax. We are pleased to inform you that we have sent you, by parcel post, the following samples of our paraffin wax.

Grade A – melting point : 520 – 540C

Grade B – “do” : 510C520C

We can offer you 500 tons of paraffin wax grade A at the price of £45 per m/t and 1,00 tons of Grade B at £ 43m/t. Both prices include delivery CIF Haiphong. Shipment can be made from Kobe within 3 weeks of receipt of your order.

Payment is to be made by an Irrevocable Letter of Credit.

Please let us hear from you as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Example 6. Inquiry for Information

a. Inquiry

Dear Sirs,

We are interested in the purchase of Vietnamese green and black tea for immediate shipment as well for shipment at regular intervals during 20… We shall appreciate it, if you will inform us of the name and address of an organization engaged in the export of this product form Vietnam.

We thank you in advance for your trouble.

Yours faithfully,


Dear Sirs,

We have received your enquiry of 6th May and forwarded it to the Vietnam Tea Export Company. No. 6 Trang Tien Street, Hanoi, S.R.V.N. This Company is the sole exporter of tea from Vietnam and will, no doubt, contact you direct.

Yours faithfully,

b2. Reply from VINATEA HANOI

Dear Sirs,

Your letter of 6th May has been forwarded to us by Vietcomchamber for reply. We thank you for your inquiry, but regret that at present we are not in a position to offer tea for immediate shipment. As to tea for shipment at regular intervals during 20… We wish to state that at the beginning of next month we will start negotiation with our suppliers for the purchase of their tea during the above-mentioned period.

We shall, therefore, be obliged if you will let us know the quantities, the times of shipment you require and we shall be glad to send you our quotation.

Yours faithfully,


1. We should be glad if you would send us patterns of Ladies’ Woolens.

1. Chúng tôi sẽ vui mừng nếu các ngài gửi cho chúng tôi mẫu áo len phụ nữ.

2. We are interested in Cutter Model 05 and we shall be obliged if you will send us a quotation for this machine.

2. Chúng tôi muốn mua máy cắt kiểu 05 và chúng tôi sẽ biết ơn nếu các ngài gửi báo giá máy này cho chúng tôi.

3. We would be obliged if you will kindly let us have your offer of the goods in question.

3. Chúng tôi sẽ biết ơn nếu các ngài gửi cho chúng tôi chào hàng những hàng này.

4. We are indebted for your address to the Trade Delegation of Japan in Hanoi.

4. Nhờ Đoàn đại biểu thương mại Nhật Bản ở Hà Nội mà chúng tôi được biết địa chỉ của các ngài.

5. We are interested in the purchase of tea of Vietnam origin for immediate shipment.

5. Chúng tôi muốn mua chè, xuất xứ Việt Nam, giao hàng trà.

6. We are looking forward to your early reply.

6. Chúng tôi mong các ngài trả lời sớm.

7. We thank you for your inquiry of 1st Dec. for Ladies’ woolens.

7. Chúng tôi xin cám ơn thư của các ngài ngày 1 tháng 12 hỏi mua áo len phụ nữ.

8. We have received your letter of 30th Nov. for Vietnamese softwood, for which we thank you.

8. Chúng tôi đã nhận được thư của các ngài đề ngày 30 tháng 11 hồi mua gỗ xốp của Việt Nam, chúng tôi xin cám ơn.

9. We have much pleasure in sending you herewith a fairly full collection of your latest and best selling designs.

9. Chúng tôi rất vui mừng gửi kèm theo cho các ngài một bộ khá đầy đủ các kiểu mới nhất và bán chạy nhất của chúng tôi.

10. We are sure that you will find it sells very well indeed.

10. Chúng tôi chắc chắn rằng các ngài sẽ thấy mặt hàng này bán chạy thật sự.

11. We are pleased to inform you that we have today sent you by parcel post the following samples:

11. Chúng tôi vui mừng báo cho các ngài biết rằng hôm nay chúng tôi đã gửi cho các ngài bằng bưu kiện những mẫu sau:

12. Payments is to be made by an irrevocable letter of credit at sight.

12. Thanh toán bằng tín dụng thư không thể hủy ngang được trả tiền ngay.

13. Payment is to be effected against a Bill of Lading, an invoice and a works’ test certificate by an irrevocable L/C to be opened in our favour with the Commercial Bank, London.

13. Thanh toán bằng tín dụng thư không thể huỷ ngang mở qua ngân hàng thương mại Luân Đôn cho chúng tôi được hưởng theo vận đơn đường biển, hóa đơn và giấy chứng nhận của nhà máy.

14. We regret to inform you that we are not in a position to meet your requirements for the time being.

14. Chúng tôi lấy làm tiếc báo cho ngài biết hiện nay chúng tôi không có khả năng đáp ứng nhu cầu của các ngài.

15. We regret to inform you that we are not in position to offer you any tea for immediate shipment.

15. Chúng tôi lấy làm tiếc báo cho các ngài hiện nay chúng tôi không có khả năng chào bán chè giao hàng ngày.


1. Answer the following questions

1. What rules do you observe when making an inquiry?

2. How do you acknowledge an inquiry?

3. How do you write a routine letter of inquiry

2. Translate into English

1. Chúng tôi rất mừng nếu các ngài gửi cho chúng tôi ca-ta-lô mới nhất và bảng giá hiện hành cho những mặt hàng nói trên.

2. Chúng tôi là khách hàng thường xuyên mua mặt hàng này và chúng tôi sẽ rất vui mừng nếu các ngài gửi mẫu và cho chúng tôi biết giá thấp nhất các ngài có thể chào bán.

3. Chúng tôi muốn mua quần áo may sẵn, nam nữ của các ngài giao hàng ngay. Đề nghị các ngài gửi mẫu hàng này và cho chúng tôi biết chi tiết về giá cả và thanh toán.

4. Giao hàng trong vòng một tháng kể từ khi nhận được đơn hàng của các ngài.

5. Chúng tôi muốn mua xi măng nhãn hiệu con Rồng đỏ của các ngài và sẽ rất vui mừng nếu các ngài bán giá F.O.B Hải Phòng cho chúng tôi.

6. Chúng tôi rất tiếc báo cho các ngài rằng chúng tôi không thể bán cho các ngài những mặt hàng này ngay được vì nhu cầu trong nước quá lớn mà chúng tôi không thỏa mãn được.

7. Chúng tôi không sản xuất các mặt hàng các ngài hỏi mua mấy năm nay rồi nhưng chúng tôi có thể chào bán cho các ngài những mặt hàng tương tự với giá 500 bảng Anh mỗi tấn C.I.F Liverpool.

8. Nếu các ngài có thể bán cho chúng tôi những mặt hàng có phẩm chất chúng tôi cần, chúng tôi sẽ đặt mua thường xuyên với số lượng lớn.

9. Nếu hàng của các ngài được như mẫu, chúng tôi tin là sẽ bán rất chạy ở đây.

10. Chúng tôi mong nhận được tin của các ngài sớm và mong được gặp các ngài trong một tương lai không xa.

4. Translate into Vietnamese

1.Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to note from your letter of 4th Sept. that you are interested in establishing business relations with us, which happily happens to coincide with our interest.

At present we are in the market for silk yarn and shall be glad to receive your latest prices for whatever qualities available for export for November shipment CIF London.

When quoting, kindly send us a range of samples of the goods.

We await your early reply.

Yours faithfully,

2.Dear Sirs,

You will remember that during Mr. Biggs visit to Vietnam in November 20… he was given details of a new inquiry concerning material for the packing of detrion powder and was told that you would be sending a sample of the proposed packaging material.

You may recall that we wrote to you on this subject on 17th February 20…, but to date we have received no reply. We would be very grateful if you let us know whether this inquiry is still valid and if so, would you let us have the above-mentioned samples and your specification, upon receipt of which we will be able to prepare a detailed quotation for you.

We look forward to receiving you comments.

Yours faithfully,

5. Translate into English

1. Thưa các ngài,

Chúng tôi xin cám ơn thư của các ngài đề ngày 4 tháng 4 hỏi về các loại thảm của chúng tôi và điều kiện cho một đơn đặt hàng mua số lượng lớn. Chúng tôi đã gửi bằng bưu kiện hàng loạt mẫu thảm thuộc các đề tài và bằng các nguyên liệu khác nhau kể cả bằng sợi tổng hợp.

Chúng tôi xin gửi kèm đây bảng giá, cùng với chi tiết các điều kiện cho một đơn mua hàng mua số lượng lớn.

Chúng tôi mong được tin và ý kiến của các ngài về thảm của chúng tôi.

Kính chào,

2. Thưa các ngài,

Chúng tôi xin cám ơn thư của Qúy ngài đề ngày 20 tháng 12 trong đó qúy ông hỏi mua xi măng nhãn hiệu con Rồng đỏ của chúng tôi.

Chúng tôi rất tiếc báo cho các ngài rõ là mặt hàng này hiện nay đã hết nhưng chúng tôi có thể bán cho quý ông loại xi măng nhãn hiệu con Rồng xanh chất lượng tương tự và cùng giá như loại quý ông hỏi mua. Loại xi măng này được nhiều khách hàng ưa chuộng nên bán rất chạy.

Chúng tôi xin gửi kèm thư này bảng giá theo điều kiện F.O.B Hải Phòng và hy vọng các ngài sẽ đặt hàng sớm.

Kính chào,

6. Write a letter of inquiry after you have seen the following advertisement in newspapers





First Class Products Available


Competitive Price

Address: EMECO, 11 High St. Ashford

Kent, England

4. Write the letter of enquiry which preceded the reply in Exercise 7. You are J.F Morreau, and you have just seen an advertisement for Glaston Potteries Willow Pattern dinner sets in the May edition of International Homes.




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